Cliffs Auto, Your Local Korean Car Mechanic

Hi, I am Clifford Gaunt of Cliffs Auto. After 25 years in the motor vehicle maintenance business, I have the necessary ability and talent to provide you with a wide range of maintenance offerings. My capability extends to anything from an oil service and blown gas gaskets to a full service of both petrol and diesel engine vehicles. Whatever the problem, I’m sure that I can resolve it with the assistance of my diagnostics equipment. I ideally based between Roodepoort and Randburg, in Johannesburg.

As a Master Technician I have been trained in South Korea to work on Hyundai and Kia cars, SUVs and MPVs. Even though I specialise in South Korean made vehicles, my expertise extends to other makes such Citroen, Opel, Toyota, Subaru, among others, where I can comfortably service your vehicle.

Phone Clifford on 0827675169

We are open Monday to Saturday
7am to 5pm


    One of the highlights of my career was participating in the Hyundai Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, where I had the distinct honour of being certified as one of 25 top mechanics in world. This is the type expertise that I bring to my workshop.

    You can get in touch with me via phone or email and I’ll be happy to provide you with a very competitive quote.  As a matter a fact, I am confident that I can provide you with the best quote available.

    Karina Atkinson

    Since 2009 I have had my Hyundai Getz serviced by Clifford. I have found his service to be impeccable. It has been of tremendous help that I could bring my vehicle on a Saturday. Clifford checks the vehicle over and will let you know what needs to be replaced. His rate is also affordable. Not once have I had to take the vehicle back to him after the service, the car runs smoothly every time. I will continue taking my little car to Clifford. Karina Atkinson

    Pauline Huff

    Clifford has work on several of my vehicles over many years. Recently I bought an import Toyota Station Wagon and needed to replace the shocks the local Tyre/Battery / Shocks were unable to find a place to buy them within a few days Clifford had found where to buy and fitted for me his charge was very reasonable and service excellent. – Pauline Huff


    Hi I am Janice a very nervous driver of a Tata Indica I’ve always been nervous & tend to use clutch & brake to stop the car Despite many warnings from friends I still abused the clutch So within two years I needed a replacement I was frantic Where would I find an honest inexpensive mechanic Eventually a friend from CKN suggested CLIFFORD GAUNT who had worked on few of friends’ Tatas amongst other cars was the guy to go to ln despair I went but came back THRILLED My car was fixed I felt more confident I was not abusing the clutch nearly so frequently BEST of all his price was within my range Thank You CLIFFORD

    Example of Cliffs Auto's Prices on a Hyundai i10 1100

    Hyundai i10 (1100) 60 000 Service
    Parts and labour from R 1,900 vs Dealership from R 3,900 (Brakes not included)

    Hyundai I10 (1100) 90 000 Service
    Parts and labour from R 5,500 (all-inclusive except brakes)

    Hyundai I10 (1100) Clutch Replacement
    Parts and labour from R 4,000 vs Dealership from R 7,300

    Hyundai I10 Front Brake Replacement
    Parts and labour from R 750

    Contact details
    Cliffs Auto
    Clifford – 0827675169
    Wats app - 0845036938
    Email –
    Location – 56 Matumie Rd, Weltevredenpark, Roodepoort.